Melburnians Are Increasingly Drawn To Larger Homes

The worldwide situation of pandemics really impacted the living styles of people. When the whole world was under lockdown, people started working from home, and kids started taking classes from home as well. However,  the home atmosphere used to become chaotic at times due to the clashes between meetings and classes of kids and adults. People faced a lot of inconvenience because of limited space.

As a result, they became more inclined toward spacious houses, especially the Melburnians. Surprisingly, their growing interest in larger houses spiked the real estate business. In this blog, you will get a deep insight as to why Melburnians are drawn to larger homes.

What Caused The Attraction Towards Large Homes?

As already mentioned, the pandemic situation prompted many individuals to rethink the house they live in. People with small houses were stuck in there for so many days. Thus, it was a wake-up call for everyone to the least people can have is a house with plenty of rooms. Even people who have small families have also started considering spacious houses.

Melburnians Were Always Inclined Towards Extra Space

Many real estate business people made a surprising revelation that Australians were always inclined toward spacious homes. In fact, it’s a continuing trend for them. It is also observed that each time an Australian buyer buys a new house, he tends to bend towards the upgraded and enormous house than their current one.

Reasons To Like Spacious Homes

People who used to have a small family of two or three members used to prefer small houses. It is probably because they do not need much space. However, over time these ideologies of people have changed. Today they like homes that have wide areas for rooms and halls. Following are the reasons that might have given rise to the likeness of larger homes:


When you have enough space, you tend to think about the ventilation of the house. And people are naturally drawn to a place that has a proper ventilation system.

Personal Space

Everyone needs alone time every once in a while. Large houses give you the luxury of having personal space when needed. People have even started installing backyard pods in their houses for personal space.


There is no shadow of a doubt that big homes are more convenient than small ones. People who were stuck in small homes during lockdown faced great inconveniences during that time.

Bottom Line

Despite being so likable, there is still a fraction of people who still prefer small houses. However, the size of the family is still a deciding factor for many people. After all, if you have a family of two or three members, then a house with three-room and a hall will be good enough for you. Thus, it might seem small to other people, but for small families, it’s perfect. If you want to build an extension in your house, you can contact one of Melbourne’s best home extension builders.