What to Look for When Choosing an Electrician for your home

Nowadays, there is a tendency to make home improvements outdoor and indoors in Australia. Whether you need to modernise your home or remodel an entire building, choosing the right electrician is one of the most important decisions you make to determine the success of your project.

Domestic and commercial electrical work requires an electrician with the experience and skills necessary to work on large-scale projects. When you are making a final decision, remember that cost is only one factor in the decision. It is too risky to hire untrained electricians to do electrical work. Choose a company with the experience to ensure the best results. Here you will find some aspects to consider before choosing an Electrician.

Obligatory questions

Do not forget to ask about the size and complexity of their jobs and whether customers are satisfied with the work done.

Where to look

Google reviews are a useful tool. You can also check local hardware stores and electrical supply shops, which often have a concise list of professionals they recommend to their customers. Choose an electrician company and do background checks so that you feel confident with the professionals sent to your home to do the electrical installation.


In an increasingly digital world, references are increasingly guiding decisions about the services we hire, so find out as much as you can about the type of work the electrician has done. One way is to call previous customers to ask about the work done. Although it is a time-consuming task for each company you are evaluating, be sure to keep track of your top three to five choices, remember that it is easy to look up each company on the Internet, and check their website and their reviews. Look for online portfolios, customer testimonials, and other information to help you decide which company to choose. Do not forget to consider word-of-mouth reputation as well.

Licensed electrician

A professional electrician hired by us must have adequate professional training and be up to date with modern technologies, both to do and to pre-measure the installations. This should be checked before the work is started. It is unlikely that a trained and experienced professional electrician will have problems making the electrical installation professionally and will also design a suitable installation, choosing the best materials and cables. Choosing a professional Electrician has multiple advantages for your home.

Paperwork and certificates

The electrician company must take care of all the paperwork with the electricity company. This applies both to the connection of electricity and its consumption during construction and later when the house is ready for occupancy, to sign a contract at a cheaper residential rate with the electricity supplier. It is also important that, once the installation is complete, the Electrician makes a reception inspection following the regulations and makes the corresponding entry in the construction register and an energy audit to not have to hire another professional to do so.


 For most of us, the price of installing a new house is important, but do not exaggerate. It is advisable to compare the budgets of several electricians and check whether the scope of the work is the same for all of them. If this is the case and the only factor in consideration is price, it is advisable to reject on principle the one with the lowest price.

The attitude of the electrician

If an electrician has no questions about the project, it is a warning sign to quit immediately. A reliable electrician will ask questions about the heating of the house, the power supply and the type of appliances, as he will then be able to determine the amount of power needed to connect the house to a realistic level of consumption and living standards. Another sign of professionalism and expertise is for the electrician to ask about the layout of the rooms and furniture, as this will enable him to plan and distribute the wiring so that the electrical installation best suits the needs of the home.

Last but not less important, we can choose the best electrician company by asking our friends and people we know. The fact that those who have already used the services of this electrician are satisfied with his work is a point that matters in the final decision. In Melbourne, most of the clients of Pro Point Electrical are satisfied with their electrical solutions and professionalism.