Add A Room To Your Home Instantly With A Backyard Pod!

The pandemic situation all around the globe was a devastating one. However, it was also an insightful moment for people who didn’t use to have time. Also, the pandemic has taught us a new way of socialising through distancing. While it was tough at the beginning, people were adaptive enough to learn it quickly.

As a result, they ended up creating things such as office pods, backyard pods, granny pods etc. These things were created so that people could maintain social distancing whenever needed. So, if you also want to enjoy the experience of having a backyard pod, then you can go through the mini-guide ahead.

What Is A Backyard Pod?

Have you ever thought of spending some alone time with yourself? The idea might look appealing, but it is a hard one to execute when you live with your family and loved ones. For times like these, you can install a room in your backyard where you can go whenever you feel like having some alone time.

Backyard pod was invented by people who felt the same way. Besides, there was no better use of an extra backyard space than to transform it into a pod. You can also use the pod for your work purposes. It works best for times when your home environment distracts you from work. You can simply take your laptop and other work-related things to your backyard pod.

Ways To Install A Pod In Your Backyard

If you have finally decided to install a pod in your backyard, then it’s time to know the real process of installing it. Well, there are only two ways through which you can install a pod room in your backyard:

1. By Purchasing Prefabricated Pod

2. By Converting The Existing Structure With The Help Of Construction

1. By Purchasing Prefabricated Pod

There are several companies that offer prefabricated pods. However, before going to select one for your home, first, you need to measure the area of your available space, which is your backyard. You do not need much space for a room, so do not worry about the space much. Once you have an idea about the size of the pod, you can contact any company that offers prefabricated pods. You can also check out granny pods by ModnPods. You might get just what you are looking for here!

2. By Converting The Existing Structure With The Help Of Construction

If you want to control the design of each and every corner of your pod, then constructing a pod would be ideal for you. Keep in mind that it is a lengthy and hectic process as it requires a lot of patience. Also, you might end up spending more than a prefabricated pod. On the bright side, the material is going to be of your choice. You just need to contact your nearby or reliable construction company to execute the process.


Backyard pods are almost identical to granny pods. But, granny pods require more space than a room. So, if you have enough space in your backyard, then you can opt for a granny pod instead of a pod room.