While everyone is stuck at home due to the pandemic, there is hardly any scope of entertainment other than social media and streaming platforms. The stress of work-from-home has led to severe mental illnesses, depression securing the top position. A lot of people are in search of new hobbies.

You might have often seen gazebos in parks, public places, and event spaces. They come in all shapes and sizes. They offer shade from the scorching summer sun in Australia and protection from the rain as well. Usually, they have a roof and are open from all four sides. But, depending upon the style, they also have drapes or screens in place of walls.

As much as you may not perceive, the staircase in your house is feasibly the most vital fixture in the entire property. Whether you’re planning to create a vintage or a contemporary look. Stairs are the keystone in the overall decor and design of your home.

While choosing a suitable staircase for your house, there are various components of stairs to consider including, the tread of stairs, the structural support that provides stability to the treads, the horizontal exterior we walk on, the riser, and the stringer.