How to style A ‘French Provincial’ Bedroom!

Some of the timeless classics can be overshadowed by your love for other styles. While designing a French provincial bedroom that is elegant as much as beautiful it is. There are a few things to keep in mind, like you want the tone and colours to be warm and neutral, that will reflect the French countryside and its nature.

There are some features that will define French Provincial Style that you can bring into your home. Here are some tips and designs that help you style your bedroom in the French Provincial style.

1. Neutral Colour Palette

Warmth and comfort are other words for the French Provincial style, which is gentle in nature. Choosing natural creamy and resonant colours is the way to go, like ecru or ivory, instead of white or stark. Keep in mind while choosing the colour for your paint.

2. A Weatherworn Bed

Tradition and endurance are the main quality of the French Provincial furniture. Hand-made furniture was passed on from generation to generation in that period of time, so choose furniture that looks centuries old, that has withstood the test of time. You should go for wrought iron antique brass with bronze finishes over shiny silver bars.

3. Vintage Touch

When it’s about renovating your kitchen, living area or bedroom, adding a vintage touch can make a visible difference. Thus you can keep vintage stuff or furniture in your bedroom to give it an accent of a vintage vibe, making it the secret ingredient that makes the French Provincial bedroom soo inviting. Choose vintage or antique decor for your bedroom that makes you feel like you are living in theĀ  French countryside. Always go for the vintage and timeless vibe instead of the price that ” looks vintage”.

4. Hang Plates Wall

In earlier days, plates used to be taken down from the wall for eating and then put up back again. This custom is both beautiful and charming in its own way.

5. Simple Outline or Silhouettes

 Your French country bedroom will look more prestige and refreshed with modern silhouettes. Have a lamp by your bedside table with an hourglass or slender body, and for a country cottage feel, use linen shade on top of it to give it a tender look.

6. Use Modern or Countryside Material

If you followed the above tips on decorating your room, then congratulation, you have a perfect French Provincial Bedroom. If you just want that vibe to go, then for it, but if you feel like you are missing something, then go for some modern features with either an old look or a modern look. Like placing a rustic wooden bench at the end of the bed with a tufted top or acrylic, which will look like a good centrepiece, and a full pillow or three pillow bed will also add up to the vibe.

Final Thoughts

French Provincial-style bedrooms have always been the attraction for the passionate and old lovers because of the pure, classic vintage vibe that gives a timeless feel. Decorating your bedroom like that is not a mammoth task.

Also, it is not expensive. All you need is to have a good eye and taste for it, and boom, there you have your desired bedroom. If you are looking for french designs, you should check out the french style bedroom at Wholesale Direct.