10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Being able to set up your house in a beautiful manner is a common dream of many people; it doesn’t matter whether it sits in a rental house or if your home has a very small space, or if you can’t afford the price. Despite being able to decorate your house in a beautiful manner, a lousy bathroom is a turn-off for many people.

Even if you have a smaller space or bad custom flooring, it can be given a much better style to go along with the beautiful vibe of your house. Here are ten easy ways to give your bathroom the desired look you always wanted to have in your home.

1. Go With Inexpensive Flooring That Looks Unique

Peel and stick tiles are the way to go if you can’t afford expensive ones. These types of tiles can be found in unique styles in the affordable range, and they are also very easy to remove if you ever want to replace them.

2. Use Plants

Placing plants anywhere gives a vibrant look along with a beautiful fragrance that will light up your mood. Plus, some plants may thrive there because they require a humid environment.

3. Reclaimed Wood Wall

Having a wood wall will give your bathroom a simple yet sophisticated look. You can purchase wood that has both better texture and lower price compared to tiles.

4. Removable Wallpaper

Walls can get a new glam just by adding suitable wallpaper to your wall that is cheap, beautiful, and easy to handle.

5. Peel And Stick Mirror Frame

Using a peel and stick mirror frame to your mirror can most certainly add a wonderful vibe to your plain boring mirror.

6. Fake Tile Flooring

If you cannot afford beautiful tiles or want to change pattern every once in a while, Fake tile flooring is best suited for you, and it’s durable, inexpensive and not very hard to install and give your bathroom a tiled look.

7. Add A Gallery Wall

You can use beautiful paintings or exotic pictures to spice up your plain wall, which will look attractive and decorated and will surely be praised by others.

8. Update Your Lighting

You can use LED lights or vintage lights, or you can choose lights that will resonate with the surrounding of your bathroom, giving your bathroom a modern look nonetheless.

9. Bathroom Rug

It doesn’t seem much, but a beautiful rug will add a beautiful look to your bathroom. You can purchase rugs with attractive patterns to go along with your bathroom at a low price.

10. Pretty Curtains

Even plain curtains can be good-looking given the choice of your colour and of the surrounding bathroom. Creamy and off-white are some of the best alternatives to go for, but dark colour curtains can also add up to the vibe if your taste is different.


You don’t need a lot of money to make your bathroom look beautiful. All you need is tips and tricks that are affordable at medium or low prices, along with good taste in colours to spruce it up. You can also buy the above-counter basins in Australia from here.