Buying Car Interstate – How to Purchase a Vehicle from Interstate in Australia?

Earlier, buying a car from the interstate used to be a big deal. Not to mention the lengthy process and thousands of miles that the buyer used to cover. Thanks to the internet, now it has become the simplest task. Also, while looking for cars online, you get a wide range of choices that you didn’t use to have before. You can sit anywhere and order your car online. However, there are a few things that you should know about purchasing a car from the interstate. If you want to know about that, then ahead is your answer.

Can You Buy A Car From The Interstate?

Days of wondering whether you can buy a car from interstate or not are far behind. Still, yes, you can very much buy a car from the interstate to be more clear. But there are some things that you should check out, such as the extra costs that you might need to incur during the transportation of your car.

Besides, it’s possible that you are buying a car from another state because of its cheap rates. And even after covering the transporting cost, it still remains inexpensive as compared to the cost in your state.

Look For An Interstate Dealer For Cars

While it’s always easier and inexpensive to do the research on your own, it could sometimes be risky. After all, you are not purchasing anything locally. Besides, when you do a simple task such as anything related to your home’s electricity, you choose the best electrician for your home.

Then why not select a good dealer to make things easier? Also, to make sure that the deal is a fair deal, you need someone who can provide you with all the necessary information to check the authenticity of the car dealer. Moreover, choosing a dealer interstate would help you in curbing some costs as they are willing to provide better services at cheaper rates.

Inspecting A Car In A Different State

If the distance is close, you can go visit and inspect the car by yourself. However, if going there is impossible, then you would need to hire someone reliable in that state who can go and check out the car for you. You can also ask them to make a video or video call you when they inspect the car.

Transporting The Car

Pricing varies from state to state. The cost of transporting your car also depends on the state that you are buying it from. Distance is another factor as with a wider distance you will have to pay more as compared to a short distance. The best way to avoid any unwanted costs is to access the transporting quote beforehand. This means getting your hands on the list of costs of transporting before choosing your car. Doing so can give you clear insight into how much your car is actually going to cost

Paper Work

The paperwork of buying a car interstate is as similar as buying a car in your state. However, the costs are slightly different. Also, in the state where you purchase a car, they must have different paperwork than yours. So you will need to look into it as well. The important thing you will require to do is when the registration process starts, as the registration should be in accordance with your state now, not according to its previous owner’s state. Moreover, if you decide to yourself take the car and drive it to your home, then you will need an Unregistered Vehicle Permit.


If you want to buy a car without going through all the extensive work, then it would be better to contact a reliable agency to transport your car. You can look for the best car transporter services in Australia.