Greenhouse in garden filled with plants

Buying Plants is The New Pandemic Trend.

While everyone is stuck at home due to the pandemic, there is hardly any scope of entertainment other than social media and streaming platforms. The stress of work-from-home has led to severe mental illnesses, depression securing the top position. A lot of people are in search of new hobbies.

And one of these hobbies is gardening. Research suggests that people are obsessively buying plants during the lockdown, to keep themselves occupied. You may have seen many Instagram and Facebook posts, of indoor plant parents showcasing their collection.

If you are one of them or even if you are interested in gardening here is all you need to know about this new trend of raising potted plants during the lockdown.

Why did this trend become popular?

Before the pandemic, our daily schedule kept us on our toes all the time. Apart from the weekend and public holidays we hardly had time to pursue our hobbies or explore new things. But the Covid imposed lockdown offered us plenty of time.

This time was utilized by many people to plant small potted plants transform their homes into a mini greenhouse.

Also, many individuals were on the lookout to do something interesting and environment-friendly. In addition, what better thing to do than planting plants? Watching the plants grow and flower instilled a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in people.

Moreover, this is a comparatively cheap hobby and keeps you engaged for hours on end.

These are the few reasons why buying plants was hyped in the lock-down.

How are Potted Plants beneficial?

You may not believe this, but growing plants has its own set of benefits that hardly anyone knows about.

A randomized crossover study suggests that interacting with indoor plants reduces stress in young adults. Working in a green surrounding considerably increases productivity, and this is one of the main reasons the working class is obsessing over potted plants. If you have enough space outside you can also consider buying some of them or planting them to improve your space.

In addition, plants filter the air of toxic gases. People now-a-days invest in air purifiers. Instead, indoor plants can carry out the process of detoxification just right. Plus, they are cheaper and pleasant to the eyes.

The Lock-down has isolated people and confined them to their homes. In such cases, the lack of human interaction can take a toll on an individual’s mind.

Potted plants offer an experience similar to interacting with humans, as you nurture and take care of a living changing organism. This is one of the best ways to prevent loneliness and depression. You can also talk to them, since it’s believed that they react to our words.

Every day plant owners spend a considerable amount of time nurturing and watering the plants. This gives a sense of accomplishment and fills the void created by the lack of face-to-face human contact.

If you have kids, planting indoor plants could turn into a fun family activity and offer a burst of enjoyment to both children and parents.

Lastly, how can anyone ignore, how aesthetically pleasing it is to place little potted plants in your house!

What do I need to get started?

If you are already not into buying plants and gardening, here is a quick guide on how you can get started.

Before purchasing a plant or anything remotely close to gardening, you need to know exactly how much space you can dedicate to planting plants. If you do not have a backyard or garden go for small potted plants instead.

If you have a considerable amount of place, the first thing you need is pots to plant your plants. Do not buy large posts as they may occupy more space, and if you are a first-timer start small. Pots of medium or small size will do the job. The number of pots depends upon how many plants you plan on planting.

Buy good quality gloves, if you don’t like getting your hands dirty. A small hand shovel and a sufficient amount of soil. If you wish you could also buy a watering hose, but it is not mandatory.

If you have a big garden, you may consider putting up a greenhouse. You can get your green-house kits here. Depending upon the area on which wish to set the greenhouse, you can purchase the greenhouse kit. These are the essentials things you will need.

Which plants to choose?

You have a wide variety of plants to choose from. But if you are a first-timer, it’s good to start with plants that are easy to manage.

  • Snake Plants: If you are unsure where in the house you wish to place the plant, buy a snake plant. As it can grow perfectly well in light as well as the dark surrounding. Moreover, if you are yet to set your plant watering schedule right, this is the plant for you. Snake plants can survive on less water.
  • Spider plant: Cheap to purchase and sustainable. Spider plants grow fast, look good, and can be easily repotted. Some regular watering and a few hours in the sun is all it needs.
  • Aloe Vera: Due to its medicinal uses, this plant needs no separate introduction. It’s extremely manageable, grows at a moderate rate, and can sustain in high as well as medium sunlight.
  • Fern: Ferns are a little delicate, but pretty nothing less. You need to take some extra care of this plant.
  • Pothos: If you need fresh and clean plant a Pothos plant. Its long vines give it a regal look. Plus, it needs less maintenance.