How To Register Or Transfer Ownership Of A Boat

As per the general laws, it is important to register the ownership of any vehicle, whether you are buying it interstate or from your own state. The process of transferring the ownership of a vessel or a boat is not different from the ownership transfer of other vehicles. However, you should know about the documents that you are going to need and all the legal formalities. If you reside in Australia, then it’s a given that your vessel must be registered on Australian General Shipping Register. In this case, you have only 14 days to notify the registrar. So, ahead are the things that you should keep in mind while transferring the ownership of your boat.

Get The Bill

As is the case of transferring ownership, the first thing you require is proof of purchase. So, to do that, you need to produce the document that states its purchase. And that can be only done by providing the bill of sale. Keep in mind that the bill includes all the necessary points, such as the name and the official number of the boat.

Also, sometimes people divide their assets on the basis of shares. So, if you have partial ownership of some shares, then make sure that the bill states that clearly. The format of the bill should follow the guidelines of Shipping Registration Regulation 1981. Lastly, the name and address of the transferor and the transferee should be mentioned.

Original Registration Certificate

In order to transfer the ownership, it’s essential to return the original registration certificate as it’s no longer in effect. Sometimes, people lose old documents, and if you can’t find the certificate, then you can ask for a replacement certificate. However, it will cost you around $222.

Fill Out The Mandatory Forms

The two main forms that you may need to fill out are:

  • Notice of appointment to the registered agent
  • Declaration of transfer form 169.

Transfer Fee

Sadly, you will need to pay the transfer fee in AUD. The fees that you deposit depend on the value that your vessel holds.

Post The Documents

You will now need to post the documents that you have successfully acquired and the forms that you have filled out to the authorities where the transferred vessel is registered. Once they receive the documents, they will review them and let you know if any additional information is required. Once the transfer is finalised, your new document of registration certificate will be posted to your given address.


Although the process of transferring the ownership is hectic, it is a mandatory one, one that you can’t ignore. It is possible that there is a slight difference in the process of transferring the ownership of the boat in terms of the place you live in. If you live in Queensland and want to transfer the ownership, then you should do your boat registration in QLD by Boat Names.