How To Get Your Forklift Licence In Australia

Forklifts dominate most industries now, including mining, construction, transport, logistics, etc. There are various kinds of forklift trucks available in the market. However, to drive a forklift, the operator needs to obtain a license for it.

So if you are considering using forklifts, make sure to hire drivers with a high-risk work licence. And if you know nothing about the process, then this article has got you covered as it will lay down the details on how to register and get your forklift licence in Australia.

Why Do You Need A Forklift Licence?

Initially, it was easy to operate a forklift as it involved simple methods. However, with time technology took over and made them more advanced. Also, lifting heavy loads is risky as a slight malfunction in the machine can cause a great mishap.

Due to this reason, Australia enforced a law that requires its citizens to obtain a national high-risk licence, also known as HRWL, if they want to operate machines like forklift trucks.

Steps To Apply For Forklift Licence

Having a forklift licence is your asset as you can apply for transport positions in Australia with it. Also, the need for forklift operators with licence is pretty high. So,  to obtain the licence, you need to:

1.   Enrol For A Training Course

Enrol yourself on a forklift training course with any Registered Training Organization. Make sure that they are authentic and are registered; otherwise, you won’t get your licence.

2.   Pass The Assessment

Once enrolled in a registered organisation, you will have to undergo training and pass the assessment test. The test will be practical and theoretical. After the completion of the course, the organisation will issue a statement of attainment and notice of assessment given that you passed the assessment.

3.   Wait For 60 Days

Your training organisation will submit the HRWL application to Worksafe WA. It may take up to 60 days for your licence to get processed. Contact WorkSafe WA directly if you do not receive your licence within 60 days.

Prerequisites For Getting A Forklift Licence

Of course, certain limitations exist, such as the age barrier for obtaining a forklift license. Thus make sure that you fulfil these prerequisites:

  • To obtain a licence, an individual must be at least 18 years of age or above.
  • Individuals must have a basic level of knowledge of English. It will come in handy while giving the test.
  • An individual must have 100 points of identification to be eligible to apply for the license.

Duration And Cost Of The Course

The duration of the course dramatically varies on the experience of an individual. Experienced candidates can complete it in one day, while inexperienced candidates may have to take the training for two days.

The cost of the course also differs depending upon the type of course and training you have selected. The minimum cost of the course is around $200 and can go up to $300.


So this is everything that you should know about getting a forklift licence in Australia. Some forklift sellers do not even sell forklifts if you do not produce your licence to them. Thus, having a licence is crucial. If you want to buy a forklift, then you can find the best forklifts for sale in Australia here.