What Has This Pandemic Taught Us About Hygiene

There is no doubt about the year 2020 being a year of a kind. Where it has made us feel all depressed and sad for a number of reasons, the very fact that this was a year of learning and accepting the new normal is something so great in itself that no one can deny its benefits. With the arrival of the pandemic, we learnt newer ways to do things and lead lives.

Our old school definitions of hygiene and health are no more viable as we have been introduced to new forms of cleanliness and hygiene that perhaps were ignored for so long. It is a year of finding newer ways to do the routine based tasks and one thing that has taken a 360 degree shift in this lieu has to be our old mannerism of taking care of our hygiene.

For better or for worse, how we took care of our hygiene in the older times is no more the same. It is rather a ritual now that has to be taken care of extensively. The most amazing thing about this newer way of maintain hygiene is that it has encapsulated all the spheres of our lives. What was once generally considered fully ensured just by taking some regular baths and cleaning our home every once in a while, has now turned into an extensive disinfecting operation. Amidst all this, we have learnt some deep buried secrets related to our hygiene that were too obvious to be missed before but we still ignored them.

We have learnt the importance of cleaning ourselves fully right after we come home from outside. We have learnt how we are capable of bringing about a million of diseases home with ourselves and still never cared for them because they had their vaccines discovered. Washing your hands or maybe your face, that was once just enough, has now extended to a full bathing routine, that too with clothes and shoes to be dumped outside for a specified time.

Without the existence of rubbish removal services with Sydney City Rubbish, we would be now learning to dump our wastes off. This pandemic has taught us the importance of keeping our home cleaner than ever before because it is definitely something that determines our overall health. 

It is because of this pandemic that we have started keeping our door knobs, our washrooms, our hair brushes, our utensils, shopping bags, and even kitchen appliances sanitized that we never bothered even washing with simple water every day.

Who would have ever cared about their makeup brushes, contact lenses, or long nails becoming a cause of their admittance to the hospital before today? This pandemic has also introduced us to the darker side of these everyday items and how keeping them clean is a huge determiner of our hygiene.

To conclude, this pandemic can be a blessing in disguise because it has finally taught us the right way to prevent many other diseases that we never knew we could get because of our simple and small hygiene related mistakes.