Supply Chain Skill Gap Analysis: Closing the Bridge to Competency

Managing and working for a supply chain is not a simple task, it requires a variety of skills. Not every worker you currently have will be able to match the ever-changing skill requirement, which only raises the bar higher. So, it is important to analyse the skill gap and close the bridge to competency. Here are some ways you can do that.

What is a Skill Gap?

A skill gap, as can be understood from the word itself, is a gap between what skill a person possesses and what he should possess as per the need of the company or organization of any kind. This skill gap needs to be identified and that can be done once the organisation understands what kind of skills they need.

When they know what they need from their workers, they can analyse the present skills of the workers to know if they match the needs or not. If they don’t then there is a gap right there that must be filled in order to increase the competency rate.

Technical Skills

Technology plays a huge role in the operations of any business. With continuous rapid development in the field of technology, the skills needed to understand and use it have also changed. Your workers, especially the ones higher on the chain of command must have the appropriate technical skills required in your business. The managers and even the workers handling technology should be skilled enough to operate it without coming across any complications.

Risk Management

Your operations manager is the one who needs to possess the skills of effective risk management. It is their job to analyse the data of all the supply chain operations to identify the possible risks. It is also their duty to work towards mitigating those risks so that the operations can go smoothly. So, you need to ensure that your operations manager possesses the required skills for managing possible risks in your trade.

Data Analysis

Analysing data in a business is a key role that needs to be assigned to a person who has the skills to study and interpret the data correctly. If you don’t have a data analyst then you need one and if you do then you need to see if they have the required skills.

Adaption to Change

Change is the norm in the business industry. When new business models come, eventually everyone shifts to them. Just like that, whenever a new thing is introduced in a supply chain management system, the workers need to adapt to that change. If they don’t have the skills to do the same, then you either need to train them for it or hire people with that skill set.

Training Programs

You don’t necessarily need to hire new people to close the bridge to competency, you can also train them using specific training programs. These training programs will help them gain the skills they lack so that they can work efficiently and effectively.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the ways you can bridge the skill gap and keep the operations of your supply change running smoothly. If you are not sure about your analysis of the skill gap, you can get a supply chain workforce analysis by Trace Consultants.