How to choose the right staircase for your home

As much as you may not perceive, the staircase in your house is feasibly the most vital fixture in the entire property. Whether you’re planning to create a vintage or a contemporary look.  Stairs are the keystone in the overall decor and design of your home.

While choosing a suitable staircase for your house, there are various components of stairs to consider including, the tread of stairs, the structural support that provides stability to the treads, the horizontal exterior we walk on, the riser, and the stringer.


Here’s a guide for you to consider while choosing the right staircase as it brings a considerable design element to your property.  

  • Consider the Space:

Designing and renovating a staircase is a time-consuming process. Anciently, shelters and houses used to be made of only one story, later the constructor realized that the area above the ground can be availed to increase the amount of space a structure could suggest. Presently, people like to have spacious and decorative staircases, but it depends on the space they have in their property. If you’re having a large area, opt for bifurcated or split staircases as per your choice, otherwise having spiral staircases is a perfect idea too, as they don’t take a lot of room.

  • Styling matters: 

While refurbishing the home, we often forget to notice the diminishing beauty of our staircase, and the need to style it yourself in contrast with the house d├ęcor. Go for such a design that’ll happily blend with the other elements of the house. If you’re having a contemporary decorated home, opt for the L-shaped, U-shaped, or floating stairs. A well designed staircase adds a lot of value to your property.

  • Budget-Friendly:

Budget is something that needs to be appraised right off the bat because constructing a staircase is not an inexpensive task, and nothing is worse than starting a remodeling and not able to finish it off due to lack of house funds. It is better to develop a budget-friendly structure of the staircase including the details regarding the budget and your requirements for the staircase before appointing a contractor.

  • Availability of storage: 

You can utilize the space efficiently underneath the stairs by creating drawers or cabinets under it, you can put in all of your essentials of regular use, in this way, you’ll be saving a lot of space in your cupboards. Moreover, you can turn the spandrel into a cozy office, library, or even utilize it as a closet.

  • Prioritize safety:

While paying immense attention towards the design of the staircase, you need to take it into deliberation that who is exactly going to use the stairs including aged people and children, and what safety options are available for them, make certain to include handrails, and avoid slippery surfaces on the stairs.