Flush With Confidence: Tips For Choosing The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom

When it’s about designing our bathroom perfectly, one thing that could come your way is the flushing. If your toilet is not flushed properly, then your bathroom can have a peculiar smell which could be awkward if guests will use the bathroom. Also, most of the time, the solid waste that goes into the toilet suite does not flush properly, and the residual is left behind.

This can make things complicated for you, and you won’t be able to use the toilet without worrying. If this is the case with you, then you can flush with confidence by following the tips for choosing the right toilet for your bathroom, which are given in this guide. 

Do Your Research On The Cost

Before going out there and purchasing the first toilet model that you like, do your research. Go online and check the cost of the model that you want to buy. Having a fair idea of the cost can help you bargain when finalising your order.

Take The Layout Of Your Bathroom Into Account

The design of your home, especially your bathroom, plays a vital role when selecting the appliances and toilet models you will install. Thus, take the layout of your bathroom into account and then select the model accordingly.

Conserve Water With Low-flow Models

Low flow means the flow of water while flushing the toilet would be low. Low-flow models are ideal if you do not want the flush to make a loud sound. You can use these models in the bathroom where flushing could be embarrassing, like if the bathroom is near the hall or the drawing room.

Consider Repair Costs

Repairing is inevitable as, with time, the appliance can wear and tear. So, if you are always on a budget and like to keep things economical, then make sure to consider the future repair costs of the toilet models you pick.

Go For a Pressure-Assist Toilet

Pressure-assist toilets use water pressure to flush the waste. They are efficient as the water used is less compared to other models. Also, since the water used in flushing would be less, the sound would also be less. 

Choose The High-Efficiency Model

There are numerous models available in the market. If you like to conserve water and electricity, ask for the high-efficiency models of the toilet from the seller and pick the best-suited option.

Toilet Bowl Height

The standard height of a toilet bowl is 14 to 15 inches which is good for average-height people. However, if you are taller or have taller people in your house, consider going for a bowl height of 17 to 29 inches.

Heated Seats For Cold Regions

New models now come with heat features for people in cold regions. You get to have a heater installed in the seats, which keeps the seats warm all the time. 

Dual Flush Toilets

Solid and liquid wastes are excreted into the toilet. Both of the wastes require different amounts of pressure to flush. To avoid unnecessary waste of water, you can go with dual flush toilets. They have two kinds of flushing systems: one with a high flow for solid waste and the other with a low flow for liquid waste.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of toilets and toilet suites available in the market to choose from. Your bit is to choose the models that suit the layout of your home in the best possible way. If the models are incompatible with your home’s layout, then it doesn’t matter if they are high-quality products; they will be useless.