10 Questions to Ask on a Senior Housing Tour

There are so many questions that come to mind when one is looking for their ideal retirement community it is hard to decide which ones should hold priority when you are on a senior housing tour. Here are 10 questions that you should definitely ask when you’re on such tour.

How Much Does it Cost to Live There?

On a tour of a senior housing community, this is the most important question that can be posed. It’s crucial to plan your spending accordingly and to ask yourself whether you’re getting value for your money and whether you could find better living arrangements elsewhere or even in your own house.

What does Monthly Rent Include?

Although the type of contract largely determines the monthly and baseline costs and a list of the services included in the monthly rent is probably published in a pamphlet by the community, asking about them will reduce the risk of you missing a detail.

What is the Type of Care Offered?

You should definitely ask about the type of care that they are offering to their residents. Which hospital is in the event of a medical emergency? Is the staff trained to provide medical aid to the residents? And other such questions.

What are the Amenities Offered?

Usually, the amenities that are offered by a senior housing community are listed in their pamphlet, but it is always good to ask about them so you can ascertain whether there is anything that has been left out of the pamphlet or if some new amenity has been added.

What Safety Features Do They Use for Residents?

You should have many safety features throughout the retirement community, especially in the suites. There should also be readily available to you. Ask what is the procedure followed in case of an emergency.

What is the Experience As Well As Availability of the Staff?

The staff should be experienced enough to handle the residents’ needs expertly. It is best to ask about their experience as well as availability for the care of the residents.

What Does the Meal Plan Include?

Eating tasty and nutritious food is a big part of living a good life. So, don’t forget to ask what the meal plan provided by them includes. Does it have all the nutritious and health-conscious food items that you would want to eat?

What Activities are Available for Residents?

Many senior housing communities provide various activities in their daily schedule for the residents, so you should always ask if they have activities that you would like.

What are the Options in Case of a Complaint?

If there is a way that you can complain about the services, the behaviour of the staff or the community in general without any negative impact on your life there, it will definitely be a source of great relief.

What Additional Charges Will Be Levied?

You should always be aware of the additional charges that can be levied on top of the base line cost of living at the senior housing community.

The Bottom Line

These were few of the question that you should ask while touring a senior housing community so that you can make an informed decision regarding the place where you wish to spend the rest of your life. While you are still in the process of selecting a senior housing community, you can check out the retirement village in Burwood by Centennial Living.