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As part of ShelterBox Australia’s appeal to provide shelter and other essential aid to more displaced Syrian families, we are inviting schools, youth groups, workplaces and clubs to take part in an exciting and unique event.
The idea is simple: Ask everyone to show their silly, odd or colourful socks for the day and bring in a donation. It’s a great way to bring people together whilst raising vitally needed funds. 


We’d love to hear from you! Please let us know when and where you’ll be holding your event and please send us some pictures that we can put up on our website to let everyone know that you have shown your ‘Socks 4 Syria!’

You can also tweet us @shelterboxaus


Step-by-step guide / 5.4 MB

A guide to starting your own Socks for Syria event!

Fundraising poster / 3.6 MB

A4 fundraising poster

Promo poster / 4.3 MB

A4 event promotional poster

Bucket wrap / 1.3 MB

Coin bucket printable wrap

Thank you poster / 3.6 MB

A4 post-event poster to show you thanks to donors

How do I take part?
Start with the PDF above ‘Socks 4 Syria – A Step by Step Guide’ to get started. 
We’ll walk you through everything you need to do to make your day a success! More fundraising materials such as posters, bucket wraps and certificates are also downloadable.
We’d be delighted to hear from you regarding your Socks for Syria event. 
Will I be able to track a ShelterBox I’ve sponsored?
Responding to the needs of Syrian refugees requires a degree of flexibility, and in some areas the familiar ShelterBox and contents are not appropriate. 
On occasion we need to be able to send tents only, United Nations tents only, just some box contents, or maybe SchoolBoxes to help refugee children with their education. What we send varies from location to location, depending on recipients’ needs, climate, security issues and other factors. This flexible response means we cannot provide our usual box numbers.
How will my money be used?
So far, ShelterBox has sent aid to support over 4,500 families in Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon and Jordan. Over the coming months, we aim to provide shelter and other essential aid for a further 5,000 families fleeing the conflict in and around Syria. Your donation will help us achieve this.
In the unlikely event that we raise more money than we can reasonably and efficiently spend on our response to the Syrian crisis, please rest assured your donation will help us prepare for and respond to other disasters around the world.