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ShelterBox Australia is launching something that will change the lives of a family by providing shelter, warmth and dignity to those who has lost everything: our friend 2 friend fundraising appeal.

If you are an existing supporter of ShelterBox Australia, we're counting on you to be part of this appeal.

All you have to do to get started is to sign up for your own personal page. You can get creative and customise it however you'd like -- from setting a goal for yourself to uploading a photo and telling the story of why you're getting involved. Then you're all set to start inspiring people in your networks to step up and support ShelterBox Australia. You can post a link back to your personal page on your Facebook or Twitter page to gather your friends.

By the end of the year, hundreds of people will join our team of friend 2 friend fundraisers, and we hope you will be one of them.

Will you take a minute to create your friend 2 friend fundraising page today?

As a friend 2 friend fundraiser, you can recruit five new supporters or 500. Either way, the people you bring into this appeal will continue to grow it themselves, and we wouldn't be taking that step without you.

If it sounds familiar to you, it's because that's the basis of all of our organising -- one supporter reaching out to the next, who reaches out to two more.

Before you know it, you're no longer just a handful of people doing their best to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to a family who has lost everything; you've helped ShelterBox Australia reach our goal of helping 5000 families!

We're empowering everyday supporters to build ShelterBox Australia Strategic Reserve themselves.

But that starts with you. Please sign up today.

We can't wait to see what you can do.