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We pride ourselves on our ability to react quickly when disaster strikes.

We have tracking systems in place so that we can monitor weather systems around the globe and anticipate the likely scale of hurricanes and cyclones.

In addition, an earthquake alert gives us immediate notice of any seismic activity that could result in a humanitarian disaster. We have strong relationships with international aid agencies and Rotary clubs worldwide who contact us when they become aware of an urgent need for shelter.

We have a large stock of equipment in our warehouse at our HQ in the UK and more than 9,000 pre-packed boxes stored in strategic locations across the globe.

We aim to get the first shipment of boxes dispatched to a disaster area within 2-3 days where a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) meets it. The team ensures the boxes are distributed to those most in need.

Often ShelterBox is the first outside aid agency on the ground distributing desperately needed shelter and emergency aid to people whose lives have been destroyed.

ShelterBox Response Team

ShelterBox prides itself on getting aid direct to the people who need it most – and one of the ways we achieve that is through our ShelterBox Response Teams or SRTs.

Members of our SRTs are all volunteers and come from all walks of life.

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