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ShelterBox Australia is an affiliate of The ShelterBox Trust.

The team is based in Sydney, and is led by CEO - Mike Greenslade, reporting to the Board of Directors.

The ShelterBox Australia team will be doing all they can to take the project forward across Australia and to ensure that more people around the world receive help in their hour of need.

ShelterBox Australian Chairman, Rowley Tompsett, said: 'This is a hugely exciting time for ShelterBox and for ShelterBox's presence in Australia.

'Our number one priority is to ensure we can help more people around the world who are in desperate need, largely as a result of the effects of natural disasters and conflict.'

Highly-committed ShelterBox Response Team members, R otary Club and District appointed Representatives and volunteers from across Australia, are part of an ever growing global network, ensuring ShelterBox Australia does the most, for the most.

In 2015, donations to ShelterBox from the Australian public helped thousands of people around the world, including many families fleeing the fighting in Syria and those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal and Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.

ShelterBox began as the brainchild of one Rotarian with the support of his Rotary club in year 2000 – ShelterBox has grown to become the largest Rotary Club project in the 100 year history of the organisation.

Rotarian support currently contributes an estimated 50% of ShelterBox donations. Around 5,000 rotary clubs worldwide have supported ShelterBox since it was launched.

Recognising this worldwide support from the Rotary community, ShelterBox was designated as a Project Partner in 2012. Logos with this designation will now appear on all ShelterBoxes, tents, blankets and ancillary materials.

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You can make a difference by making a donation of any amount, large or small.

We encouarge our donors to support the 'ShelterBox Solution' a general relief fund that allows us to tailor aid to suit the needs of beneficiaries. That aid might be a tent and water purification equipment or a Shleter Kit and balnkets.

For $1,000, you can sponsor a ShelterBox to be delivered where needed - this includes all materials, packing, transport and distribution to recipients worldwide and a contribution to stock in readiness for the next disaster we are called to respond to.

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