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ShelterBox is acutely aware that the work we do would not be possible without the many thousands of donors who so generously support our work.

To our donors we are committed to offering:

- We aim to put as much of your donation directly into aid as is possible. We are a lean organisation that benefits from the tireless efforts of a strong and extensive support base of volunteers. This is key in enabling us to keep our overheads low and to spend as much of our income as possible directly on charitable work - a far higher proportion than most charities.

DONATION TRACKING - We aim to connect donors directly with the people they are helping. By giving each box a unique number, and carefully recording where each box goes, donors have the opportunity to track their box to its final destination through the website. You can Track Your Box here.


Your donation goes directly to purchasing the items in each ShelterBox and to the transportation and certification of each box. With ShelterBox you know exactly where your money goes.